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Free Printable Canning Inventory Chart

22. April 2016

product inventory chart

Whew! You finally finished preserving for the season. YEAH! Happy dance time.

No, hold on. You'll manage to find something else at the Farmer's Market that's calling your name. Or your neighbor will drop off a bushel of apples from their tree. Maybe your beans will be more prolific than you thought. So back to the kitchen you go! But that's a good thing, right? You like being in the kitchen preserving all that tasty food in jars. You LOVE canning. I do too!

If you're like me, it's hard to keep track of how much salsa or applesauce you canned. And it's especially tough if you're in and out of the kitchen all season long. Once I know I'm finally finished preserving for the season, I'll giddily count all my canning jars. Then I'll log everything onto this handy canning inventory chart. Some canners use more high tech systems like google spreadsheets. I prefer to thumb through inventory charts as I review my garden journal each year. There's a sense of satisfaction knowing your prolific tomatoes produced 132 pints of salsa.

Download our free printable canning inventory chart.

Free Printable Canning Inventory Chart | CanningCrafts

Canning inventory charts can also be a helpful reminder for gift giving food in jars. I usually give salsa away for Christmas presents. But if my chart reminds me that I only have 5 pints of salsa, well then, my dad might get a pair of socks instead. Sorry dad. 

And of course your canning inventory chart will come in handy when you plan next year's garden. If I have 45 quarts of tomatoes left, then perhaps I'll plant more green beans instead. The chart is my reminder that I need to use up what's already in the pantry. Or at least to not forget what's on the shelf.

Before you even start planning to CAN, you need to plan your garden (if you intend to grow all the food yourself, that is)! Read our Get Ready for Canning Season blog post for tips to make your canning season go smoothly.

CanningCrafts Garden Chart

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canning inventory chart

 Canning Inventory Chart from

So, how does everyone else keep track of your home canned goods? Do you like detailed journals or digital spreadsheets? Or do you prefer for your pantry to be a treasure chest where you can find a vintage 1980 mason jar full of Grandma's salsa? I'd love to hear your comments!


Comments (4)

Debbie Platt on August 20, 2016

It is very hard to keep track because we use some things right away, this list should help me keep track as I can each item. One year I canned over 600 quarts of food items! I am obsessed!

CanningCrafts on August 25, 2016

I’m glad you’ll be able to use the canning inventory sheet Debbie! It should come in handy for you considering the amount you can. That’s impressive!

Tim quick on February 22, 2018

Should have half gal, and gal sizes, I use them for bulk items that cannot be can but added later.

Diane Horn on December 27, 2021

Ty for the free printable

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