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Apple Canning Recipes + FREE Printable Labels

21. October 2020

Fall is here, so let apple canning season begin! Applesauce, jellies, and butters, oh my! When I can apples, I find the simpler the recipe, the better they taste. Sugar-Free applesauce with a dash of cinnamon is my go-to pantry staple. I frequently bake with applesauce and add it to pancake batter and oatmeal. Browse the recipe list below for the basics or try something more unique like apple chutney, vinegar, or BBQ sauce.

Apple Cider Butter Canning Recipe |


AND we designed these FREE Printable Apple Canning Labels & Hang Tags so you can decorate all of your jars. There are multiple fun and colorful canning labels that you can handwrite text onto for your specific canned goods. We also include cute labels just for your very special butters and sauces. The printable hang tags include a variety of designs with cute sayings.

Free Printable Apple Canning Jar Labels and Hang Tags


Download the FREE Printable Apple Canning Labels & Hang Tags

 Download the Free Printable Apple Canning Jar Labels and Hang Tags

Download the FREE Printable Apple Canning Labels & Hang Tags

Free Printable Apple Canning Jar Labels and Hang Tags

Download the FREE Printable Apple Canning Labels & Hang Tags


Apple Jam and Preserves Canning Recipes

Eat some autumn in a jar! The smell of fall apples is one of the most amazing scents ever. But don’t settle on the obvious cinnamon spices for your jams. Mix it up with cardamom, brandy, or even coffee. Or try a more complex jam by pairing with other fruits.


Apple Pie in a Jar Canning Recipe |

Apple Pie in a Jar tastes like the best apple pie filling. It’s perfect for serving warm over pancakes, waffles, or oatmeal in the cooler weather. Add globs of the filling to hand pies or thumbprint cookies too. Cute decorated jars of apple pie make perfect holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for teachers, friends, and family.


Apple Pie in a Jar Canning Recipe with Canning Labels & Cloth Jam Jar Covers |

Decorate your apple canning jars with Country Quilt Apple canning labels and cloth jam jar covers. These fun canning jar labels come pre-printed with a variety of food options and have a blank version for handwriting text.


Apple Jelly Canning Recipes

It must be jelly ‘cause jam don’t shake like this! Did you know you can make tasty apple jelly with the cores and peels? Who knew food “waste” could be so tasty? Pectin is concentrated in apple skin and cores, so you don’t need to add powdered pectin to jelly recipes either. Get a little fancy with your jelly and add red-hot candy, ginger, or other fruit juices.


Gingham Apple Canning Labels for applesauce, butter, jelly

Shop for Gingham Apple canning labels. These traditional canning labels come in a variety of pre-printed food options. Or choose a blank label to handwrite your own contents.


How to Make Your Own Pectin

Did you know you can make your own pectin from scratch? It’s true! So if you ever find yourself out of the powdery stuff on canning day, all might not be lost if you have a few apples on hand. You can also freeze apple peels and cores so you have them for when you need them. Read more about How to Make & Preserve Apple Pectin.


Apple Canning Labels for butter and applesauce

Shop for Cute Applesauce canning labels and Cute Apple Butter canning labels for your fall canned goods.


Applesauce Canning Recipes

There are several ways to make applesauce. You can peel the apples and cook slices until soft, then mash or puree. Or you can cook with the skins on and run the softened apples through a food mill. I prefer chunky applesauce whereas my husband’s family always makes the smoother variety. Mixing several varieties of apples together will give a more complex tasting sauce. Depending on how sweet your apples are, you can opt for a sugar-free sauce or add sugar or natural sweeteners like maple syrup or honey.


Custom Kraft Apothecary Canning Labels |

Shop for Custom Kraft Apothecary canning labels to decorate your rustic jars of applesauce or butter. Labels print with your personalized message and food.


Apple Cider Butter Canning Recipe

Apple Butter Canning Recipes

Much like applesauce, you can make apple butter with or without the peels. I prefer leaving skins on for butter because I love the color of the final product. I slice and core apples with the skins on, then cook in a crock pot with spices and a tad of sugar. Once the apples are softened, I puree with an immersion blender. If you don’t have a hand mixer, you can use a blender. If the pureed butter is slightly runny, it can cook up a bit more in the crock pot with the cover ajar. Basic apple butters can be taken up a notch by adding other fruit or herbs to the mix.

Our sweet Apple Cider Butter canning recipe makes a great fall gift. It’s delicious served on English muffins, toast, waffles, or stirred into hearty oatmeal. This smooth, velvety spread is a must for your autumn caning list.

Apple Cider Butter Canning Recipe |

Shop for custom Watercolor Apple Canning Labels. These labels print with your food and message.


Apple Slices and Pie Filling Canning Recipes

In all my years of canning, I’ve found that it’s best to have more simple preserved goods on hand. Slices apples may sound boring, but once opened, you can make sauce, butter, pie filling, or chutney with them. Or you can keep it simple and just eat the slices too!


Apple Chutney |


Apple Salsa, Chutney, and Condiment Canning Recipes

There’s nothing quite like a fall chutney recipe. The familiar spices are warm and comforting in cooler weather. Dress up a pork loin or use as a sandwich spread. And don’t stop at chutney… there are all sorts of condiments you can make with apples. Salsa, mustard, and ketchup, oh my! Did you know you could use apples for those fancy condiments?


BBQ Sauce canning labels

Shop for BBQ Sauce labels to dress up your summer condiments.


Apple BBQ Sauce Recipes

Who says you need to make a tomato-based barbecue sauce? Get out of your BBQ comfort zone and try making this summer sauce with apples instead.


Apple Maple Syrup canning labels

Shop for Pancake Syrup Labels. These traditional maple syrup labels come with customizable text that can be changed to any flavor of syrup you make.


Apple Syrup Canning Recipes

It doesn’t take much to make apple syrup. A little apple juice or cider, a tad of sugar and spices, and you have yourself a great pancake topping. If I have any leftover juice from canning stewed apples, I’ll often transform that into a syrup. Boiling the skins and cores also yields a lovely juice that can be thickened. Syrup can be thickened with cornstarch or tapioca starch after opening if needed. 


Free Printable Apple Canning Jar Hang Tags

Download the FREE Printable Apple Canning Labels & Hang Tags


Apple Ciders and Juice

There’s a difference between apple cider and apple juice. Apple cider is made from fresh pressed apples that are not filtered. Traditional raw apple cider has lovely bits of brown sediment collecting on the bottom of your bottles. Apple juice starts as cider, but it then gets filtered, concentrated, with water added back into it. 


Apple Scrap Vinegar |

Apple Vinegars, Shrubs, and Ferments

Save those apple peels and cores, canning friends! You can use this “waste” to make apple scrap vinegar. Or if you have a jug of apple cider or have loads of apples to press your own cider, make TRUE apple cider vinegar which is loads more flavorful. “ACV” is a wonderful probiotic that’s a must in my kitchen. Drink it as a tonic or add to many recipes.


Free Printable Apple Canning Jar Labels and Hang Tags

Download the FREE Printable Apple Canning Labels & Hang Tags


Shop all of our Apple Canning Labels.

Country Quilt Apple Canning Labels |

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Apple Canning Recipes |

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