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Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe

12. November 2020

Our friend and guest blogger Chez LaRae created this decadent Black Forest Macaroon Jam recipe. This canning recipe will make a great holiday gift. You can follow LaRae’s amazing food adventures on Instagram and her website. LaRae is a self-taught baker, cooking and baking instructor, recipe developer, and an editor at @thefeedfeed. See LaRae's other recipe guest blog posts.

Black Forest Cake is the quintessential holiday showpiece. Layers of chocolate cake soaked in kirsch, whipped cream icing, and beautiful sour cherries. This recipe recreates the flavors, adds sweet coconut, and preserves them in jars. Add pretty Christmas canning labels from CanningCrafts and you have the ideal holiday gifts for your family, friends, and other special people in your life.

 Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe |

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Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe made with Liquid Pectin |

Note: This canning project uses liquid pectin. Powdered pectin cannot be substituted in this recipe.

Preservation method: Waterbath canning

Difficulty level: Easy to medium

Yield: About seven 8-oz jars

You will need clean jars and closures, a boiling-water canner, rack, jar lifter, canning funnel, and wooden skewer


Black Forest Macaroon Jam

Recipe adapted from “Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving” 2006.


  • 4 cups granulated sugar
  • 1/3 cup cocoa powder
  • 3 ½ cups (a little over 17 oz) frozen cherries (do not thaw as they are easier to chop when frozen)
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 pouches liquid pectin (Powdered pectin cannot be substituted in this recipe)
  • ½ cup unsweetened flaked coconut
  • 3 tbsp kirsch or other flavored cherry liqueur (optional)


Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe with frozen cherries and cocoa |

Prepare canner, jars, and lids.

In a medium bowl, whisk to combine sugar and cocoa powder.

In a food processor, coarsely chop frozen cherries with blade attachment pulsing until the pieces are fairly small. Picture how the pieces will look in your final product – not too big, but not liquefied either. If you do not have a food processor, use a sharp knife and coarsely chop.

Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe chopped cherries |

TIP: Snip tops off of pectin packets and place upright in a small cup next to the stove. I like to have my pectin at the ready as the next step moves quickly and you do not want to be fumbling, opening boxes, and looking for a knife while your jam is at a rolling boil.

 Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe with liquid pectin |

In a large Dutch oven, combine cherries, lemon juice, and cocoa mixture.

Over high heat, stirring constantly, bring to a full rolling boil that cannot be stirred down. Stir in pectin. Boil hard, stirring constantly, for one minute.

Remove from heat and add coconut and optional liqueur. Mix well. Skim off foam.

 Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe |

Ladle hot jam into jars, leaving ¼” headspace. Remove air bubbles and readjust headspace if necessary. Wipe rims, center lids on jars and screw bands down until finger tight resistance is met.

Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe |

Place jars into canner, ensuring that they are completely covered with water. Bring to a boil and process for 10 minutes. Remove canner lid. Wait 5 minutes, then remove jars, and cool completely.

Wipe jars and affix CanningCrafts Christmas canning labels. Date and store in a cool, dry place for up to 12 months.



Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe |

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Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe |


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Comments (5)

Susan Miller on March 25, 2021

That looks and sounds delicious… and different. I might have to try this soon when the cherries are ripe and ready to eat! No frozen ones here..I’m English but live in northern Portugal. I made my own pectin last year and it is waiting for this project! Thank you!

Cindy on November 23, 2022

This looks amazing, but can the coconut be left out with the same results?

CanningCrafts on November 23, 2022

I haven’t tried it without the coconut, but I think it could be left out. It just wouldn’t taste like a macaroon without coconut :)

Gail on November 19, 2023

I will try this soon…unique for gift giving!

Jeri moore on December 07, 2023

Thank you!

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