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Canning Label Giveaway with Food in Jars

20. February 2017 canning label giveaway

We teamed up with the amazing Marisa McClellan of for a canning label giveaway! If you've never been to Marisa's blog, it's a must read for all food preservers. She's written several books on preserving, has been featured on The Food Network, Table Matters, and in Food52. If you live around Philadelphia, you can also take some of her canning classes.

Enter the CanningCrafts' giveaway on now! 3 winners will each win 5 sheets of canning labels. Winners can choose any canning labels on our website including custom labels. Hurry! Giveaway ends on Sunday, February 26 at noon.



custom canning labels 

return jar labels 

pickle canning labels 

flower chic canning labels

custom from the kitchen of labels 

Comments (5)

Judy Babin on February 21, 2017

I love the Return Jar for a Refill labels

CanningCrafts on February 21, 2017

Thank you Judy!

Abigail on February 22, 2017

The “Return Jar” labels are such a great idea. Keeping everything simple, natural. The labour of love extends to the environment as well, use and reuse!!! Love it :)

CanningCrafts on February 22, 2017

Glad you liked the Return Jar labels Abigail! I created those labels out of frustration for not getting my empty jars returned. So I now have a pretty good success rate for returns if I use one of these labels. I hope they work for you too!

Debby Berteotti on November 19, 2019

What size of material did you buy and what was the size of each square that you used? Ty.

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