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Citrus Canning Recipes: Jam, Jelly, & Marmalade, oh my!

07. January 2022

Just because your farmer's market is closed and your garden bed is empty doesn't mean there isn't anything to put up! Even though the winter months can seem gloomy, you can cheer yourself up by canning some sunshine in a jar. January is citrus canning season after all! Browse our recipe collection below for jam, jelly, curd, marmalade & more! We even included some no-pectin & Low Sugar recipes using Pomona’s Universal Pectin. Enjoy!

 Citrus Canning Recipes: Jam, Jelly, & Marmalade |

Did you know that citrus fruit is a great source for natural pectin? Many “no pectin added” recipes use lemon juice to make the jam or jelly gel. While the juice has plenty of pectin, citrus seeds have a lot more. This makes them perfect if you want to skip store-bought pectin and also save some money at the same time. Practical Self reliance has a great article on how to make pectin from citrus seeds.



Most citrus fruit is loaded with natural pectin. Marmalade recipes take advantage of that by adding the peels and pulp to create a natural gel (as opposed to using store-bought pectin). The cook time is a bit longer on marmalade since it takes time to extract the natural pectin. You will be rewarded for your patience in the kitchen, I promise! Just take note, there may be a slight bitter flavor in the marmalade due to the pith being added. This often balances out if the recipe adds a good bit of sugar. And the texture is amazing! Add to biscuits, scones, or ice cream.

 Three Citrus & Vanilla Bean Marmalade Canning Recipe |

Three Citrus & Vanilla Bean Marmalade

Orange, lemon, & grapefruit, oh my! This vibrant Three Citrus & Vanilla Bean Marmalade canning recipe is perfect to get rid of the winter blues. It highlights three citrus fruits while adding beauty and real flavor with whole vanilla beans. This marmalade would make a great DIY holiday gift. Use our free printable tags and labels to decorate your jars for gift-giving.


Cute Orange Marmalade Canning Label |
Our Cute Orange Marmalade Canning Label adds a sunny touch to home canned citrus. Handwrite your text on this blank label and use for jam, jelly, juice, & more.



It must be jam cuz jelly don’t shake like that! Here’s a plethora of citrus jams perfect for topping biscuits, scones, or fingerprint cookies. Your sunny jars will be comforting in the winter months, but of course can be enjoyed year round. If you want to reduce sugar in your diet, try the Pomona’s Pectin recipes at the bottom of the list.


Citrus Canning Recipes & How to Use Zest |



Did you know that  you can add zests to canned citrus and baked goods to give them a pop of flavor! Just try to remove as much of the bitter white pith as possible. You can also dry zests to use later in baking recipes. They are perfect added to cupcakes and lemon squares.



Curd is perfect stirred into yogurt, used as a cupcake filling, or baked in a tart shell. It also makes a great dessert eaten straight out of a jar. While the USDA says it’s safe to can curds, most people seem to prefer freezing them for longer term storage instead. Canned curds need used within 3 to 4 months (anything longer may lead to browning or separation). For short-term storage, curds can be refrigerated up to a week. You can freeze curds for up to a year without quality changes. For anyone intimidated by the traditional double-boiler process, there is an easy microwave curd recipe on our list. Say whaaaat? Yep, microwave.

 Zesty Lime Curd Recipe |

Zesty Lime Curd

Canning expert Marisa McClellan whipped up this zesty lime curd recipe for us just in time for citrus season. It has just a few dollars worth of ingredients and not much of an investment in time.

Custom Kraft Apothecary Canning Labels |
Shop for Custom Kraft Apothecary Canning Labels in our shop. These rustic labels can be customized for any unique, special canned good you create.



Not every citrus canned good has to be sweet or zesty. Chutneys are warm and spicy, great for fall meals. Add to oatmeal, biscuits, or eat straight out of a jar. You can also dress up a burger with chutney instead of ketchup. That would be very "adult" of you. Give it a try!

Citrus Canning Jam, Jelly, & Marmalade Recipes |


It’s peanut-butter-jelly-time! Peanut-butter-jelly-time! And now I can’t get that dancing banana GIF outta my mind. OK, I digress. You can add these citrus jellies to grown-up style PB&Js and ice cream, or use as a glaze for pork chops.


Orange, Lime, Tangering, Lemon Citrus Limoncello Recipes |


Misc Fruit Recipes

Basic fruit, preserves, candied, vinegar, beverages, & more, oh my! The salts and beverages will be perfect for your next party and charcuterie board.


Ways to Use Citrus Peels |


Ways to Use Citrus Peels

Hey, don’t toss those peels! There are a plethora of uses for your citrus peelings. Use them to make homemade citrus vinegar cleaner, deodorizers & potpourri, cat repellant (yes please!), and even jewelry & home decor. Read our blog post on how to use citrus peels in your kitchen, home, & garden.


Navel Orange |

Fun Fact!

Did you know? It is thought that all navel oranges came from one genetic mutation to a Selecta orange tree, sometime between 1810 to 1820. Since the mutation left the fruit of the plant sterile and seedless, every navel orange tree that has been grown since is the result of cutting and grafting. So the next time you enjoy a nice, juicy navel orange, just remember that you are eating a 200+ year old clone. Mmmmmmm… succulent clone… Follow us on Instagram for more fun facts.


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Shop our Citrus Canning Label Collection. Our orange, lemon, and lime gingham canning labels are available for jelly, marmalade, limes, preserves, curds, and blank so you can handwrite your own text.


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Citrus Canning Recipes: Jam, Jelly, & Marmalade |

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