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Peach Canning Recipes: Jam, Jelly, Salsa, & Sauces with low sugar & natural sweetener options

04. August 2021

Peaches a ’Plenty! If you have a bushel or two (or just a handful) of delicious summer peaches, you might want to preserve them now to enjoy later. My favorite way to eat peaches is fresh with the juices running down my arms! But when I can them, I want to make sure I taste the peach flavor and not just added sugar. I gathered up some resources and peach canning recipes for this post. I noted which peach jam recipes use reduced sugar or substitutes like honey or maple syrup. Many traditional jam recipes have 6+ cups of sugar, so for those looking to cut back on added sugar, please give these recipes a try. If you want to reduce sugar in jam, you can also try a low-sugar pectin. Pomona’s Pectin allows you to use even less sugar than other traditional low-sugar pectins.

 Peach Canning Recipes |

Many canners think they need a ton of sugar to can jam. This is not true, although opinions differ for sure. How much sugar do you need to preserve fruit or retain the color of what’s in the jar? Instead of sugar, can you opt for natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup instead (which are just sugars in a different form, yet more “healthy” options compared to refined sugar)? If so, what are the ratios of those ingredients to replace sugar? Here are a few good places to read more about reducing (or eliminating) additional added sugar in recipes.


SAFETY CANNING NOTE: Do not substitute white peaches in place of yellow peaches. White peaches have a higher pH which makes them a low acid food unsafe for canning (unless they are properly acidified).


Peach Jam Canning Recipes |

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Peach Jam Canning Recipes

You can’t go wrong with a basic peach jam! But every once in a while, I like to mix it up and add vanilla bean, brown sugar, or other fruit to my peach jam. While jam is great on biscuits or toast, I also add it to oatmeal, smoothies, or ice cream. 


Sweet Cherry and Yellow Peach Preserves with Peach Cherry Compote |

Sweet Cherry and Yellow Peach Preserves and Peach Cherry Compote


Sweet Cherry and Yellow Peach Preserves

Pairing peaches and cherries are a match made in heaven. This peach cherry preserves recipes from Marisa McClellan from Food in Jars is one of my favorites. Marisa also has an amazing Peach Cherry Compote recipe sweetened with concentrated white grape juice. The peach cherry compote recipe is in her book: Naturally Sweet Food in Jars. The book has recipes for preserves made with coconut, maple, honey, and other natural sweeteners.


 peach cherry compote canning recipe |


Pech Cherry Compote |

Peach Cherry Compote on top of Vanilla Bean Peaches. The Compote recipe is sweetened with concentrated white grape juice. The compote recipe is in Marisa McClellan's book: Naturally Sweet Food in Jars.


Peach Pie Filling Canning Recipes |

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Peach Pie Filling Canning Recipes

Peach pie filling requires thickening, but there are only a few thickeners approved by the USDA. Clear Jel seems to be a favorite for canners since it doesn’t clump. The non-instant Clear Jel (regular type Clear Jel) will withstand the canning process.


Peach Peel & Pit Jelly Canning Recipes |

Peach Jelly Canning Recipes

The great thing about making peach jelly is that you can make it with discarded skins and pits. Just make sure you use organic peaches! You can also simmer down peach skins and pits to make syrup for pancakes or to use as a sweetener in other recipes.


Basic Peach Fruit Canning Recipes

There’s nothing boring about basic sliced peaches in a jar! Peaches are one of my favorite things to can. I usually put up a dozen jars each of plain sliced peaches in a light syrup and vanilla bean spiced peaches. Both are great on top of pancakes, ice cream, or simply eaten right out of the jar. I add Ball Fruit-Fresh Produce Protector (citric acid) to my peaches to help keep them from browning.

Vanilla Bean Peach Canning Recipes |


Peach Butters & Syrups

My preferred way to make peach butter is with the skins on in a crock pot. Why? Because I’m lazy! If I can avoid peeling peaches, I will. I have also used a pressure cooker to quickly cook down peaches. Then I use an immersion blender right in the pot to make the butter. Adding a splash of lemon juice, ginger, and honey makes a great butter for biscuits or oatmeal. If you want to skin your peaches for a recipe, you can also simmer down the discarded skins and pits to make syrup. Just make sure to use organic peaches.


Peach Butter Canning Recipes |

Honey Sweetened Gingery Peach Butter  

Peach Salsa, Chutney, & Sauces

Peach BBQ Sauce Canning Recipe |

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Peach BBQ Sauce 

Our zesty Peach BBQ Sauce makes a sweet and zesty homemade condiment. This unique BBQ sauce can be brushed on meat or grilled vegetables. Toss in cold pasta dishes, serve with cheese platters or spread on sandwiches. The possibilities are truly endless. Get the canning recipe on our blog post and shop for Apothecary Peach Canning Labels in our shop.


Fiery Peach Salsa canning recipe |

I make a Fiery Peach Salsa recipe from The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving that is pretty amazing served over steamed rice with grilled salmon. You can also dip chips in this salsa or top burgers with it.


Peach Salsa canning recipe |

Pickled & Fermented Peaches

Peaches aren’t just for jam and jelly, ya know! You can pickle and ferment them as well. Serve some fermented peach salsa or pickled peaches at your next summer BBQ to wow your guests.


Peaches for Canning |

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Shop all of our Peach Canning Labels on


See our Canning Peaches Pinterest Board for more peach recipes.

Peach Canning Recipes on Pinterest


Peach Canning Recipes |

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