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Return My Jar Canning Labels

10. March 2017

If you're a canner, you know how frustrating it is when you don't get your mason jars returned. After spending many hours in the kitchen and a lot of money on supplies, the least your family can do is return your empty jars for pity's sake! Some canners may consider the jar to be part of the gift. I am NOT one of those canners. I want my jar back dangit!

Return Jar Canning Label


I've also learned to be selective on which food-filled jars I give away for fear they won't be returned. Friends will not get vintage blue or square Atlas jars from me! I can't take the chance that these pretty jars won't find their way back home.


Years ago, I had to do something to get my sister to return my mason jars. So I made a label that said "I want my jar back dangit!" Was it blunt and rude? Yes. Did it work? YES!!! She returned most of my empties. She didn't can back then, so it didn't bother her that she was hoarding my jars. But now that she puts up a TON, she knows how important and cost effective it is to get canning jars returned. "Canning jars don't grow on trees, so please return my jars to me!"

Return Jar Canning Label

If you've felt the burn of not getting your jars returned, try one of our Return Jar labels.

Our canning labels come in 4 different sayings:
I want my jar back dangit!
Return jar for a refill
Return jars to keep me jammin!
Canning jars don't grow on trees, so please return this jar to me!

All "Return Jar" Labels are customized with your name so people know who the jar belongs to! A few of our canning label styles also print with a food name so you know what's in the jar. Hopefully our Return Jar labels will make returns easier if you want your jars back. 

Return Jar Canning Labels

 Return Jar Canning Label

Our Color Return Jar labels also come with a custom food name and your choice of 9 vibrant colors. 

Return Jar Canning Labels

Do you consider the jar to be part of the gift? Or do you want your empty mason jars returned so you can refill them? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

Comments (3)

Judy Keller on May 31, 2021

I only gift to people who return the jars. There is a national shortage of canning lids and jars right now. The least you can do to show appreciation for a homemade treat is return the jar so the canned can use it again. ( lids are not reused) What gets me is that people act like you should make them a dozen jars if whatever you’re canning as if ingredients and jars are free and you aren’t canning to feed your own family.

CanningCrafts on May 31, 2021

Hi Judy,
Yes, this is so true! Jars & ingredients aren’t free, not to mention all the time you spend in the kitchen canning. I had to cut off another relative completely because he was throwing jars out when they were empty!!! That’s so rude and also very wasteful. Everyone else in my family returns jars, even if they don’t have a “return jar” label on them :)

Chris on September 28, 2022

Every year I gave my son in law jars of pickles and other goodies and I would request as a job be returned to me which I never saw. One day when I was at his house I said yes canning jars are amazing you can reuse them over and over and over again. That Christmas they gave me three full boxes of different sizes of canning jars. 😁

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