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Tomato Canning Recipes + FREE Printable Labels

15. July 2020

If you’re lucky, your garden is knee-deep in tomatoes by now. Or if you’re fortunate, you have a very special relative who does all the hard work in the garden and blesses you with the veggie overflow. Either way, if you have an abundance of tomatoes, you may want to put them up for storage. The best way to preserve your harvest is canning, dehydrating, or freezing. Canning is my preferred method since I have limited freezer space. I put together a big ‘ol list of tomato canning recipes. Browse the recipe list below for salsa, jam, and sauce recipes. I note whether the recipe is for water bath or pressure canning methods. There are also a handful of dehydrating recipes too. Enjoy!

Home Canned Tomatoes |

AND we designed these FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Hang Tags so you can decorate all of your glorious red jars! There are multiple fun and colorful canning labels that you can handwrite text onto for your specific canned goodies. We also include cute labels just for your very special salsas and sauces (now you can tell what is in your specific red jar). The printable hang tags include a variety of designs with fun sayings.

FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Tags | CanningCrafts

Download the FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Hang Tags

 FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Tags | CanningCrafts

Download the FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Hang Tags

FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Tags | CanningCrafts

Download the FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Hang Tags


Tomato Sauces & Pastes

Diced tomatoes and sauce are staples in my pantry. They are versatile and can be used as a base for so many recipes. Add them to chili or make into other sauces.

Enchilada Sauce Canning Recipe |

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Enchilada Sauce (Pressure Canning Method)

For many, enchiladas are a family favorite. Make them extra special by canning your own enchilada sauce. Summer tomatoes are perfect for a delicious sauce you can pull from your pantry throughout the year. Get the Enchilada Sauce pressure canning recipe on our blog.

Sloppy Joe Starter Canning Recipe |

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Sloppy Joe Sauce Starter (Waterbath Method)

Many store-bought sloppy joe sauces have corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup in the ingredients. My husband cannot eat corn byproducts, so it’s always been a chore to track down the one variety that is free from that nasty ingredient. This Sloppy Joe Starter recipe is easy to make and tastes great. It does NOT contain meat, therefore it can be water bath canned. I can this recipe in small 4-oz jars which are perfect for 2 sandwiches.


Home Canned Salsa |

Shop for Country Quilt Tomato canning labels for salsa, sauce, juice, & more.

Salsa Canning Recipes

The first thing I ever canned was salsa. My husband LIVES off of salsa, and I was tired of him spending so much on the store bought stuff. I tried about a dozen salsa recipes and felt disappointed with the results. My husband was not pleased either. One day I was lamenting to my husband’s cousin about all the terrible salsa recipes I tried. And she proceeded to whip a jar of her salsa out of the fridge for a taste test. And it was THE BEST SALSA I ever tasted. And that’s saying something because I honestly didn’t even like salsa until I tried hers. So her hand-me-down recipe is my go-to recipe. But you know what they say about hand-me-down recipes? That’s right, you should be wary of anything that hasn’t been officially tested for safety. I had called my extension office to see if they could verify it for safety, but alas, they could not. They merely directed me to some already tested and approved recipes online. Sigh, some of them were ones I had already tried. Ugh.

So I was beyond excited when I finally came across MY FAVORITE SALSA CANNING RECIPE with a declaration that it was in fact SAFE for canning. This salsa recipe was created by someone named Annie who took her recipe to the Extension Office for testing many years ago. Yea Annie!!! You can get her recipe on Proverbs Thirty One Woman website. You are able to safely make a few modifications to this recipe to suit your tastes. I omit the cilantro, use less jalapeño peppers, and use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar.


FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Tags | CanningCrafts

Download the FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Hang Tags


Tomato Jam |

Tomato Jams & Preserves

While I prefer to can basic cubed tomatoes since they can be used for many recipes, it’s nice to try something new or ambitious. Tomato jam is one of those odd recipes that you either love or hate. When I first heard of tomato jam, I was told it was “adult ketchup.” OK, whatever that means. I’ve tried many tomato jam recipes, some are savory and others are sweet. Tomato jam is just one of those recipes I can’t quite make my mind up about though. It is tasty on grilled cheese sandwiches and grilled bread. It’s definitely worth a try if you have an abundance of cherry tomatoes on hand. 

Canned Tomato Jam and Salsa |

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Tomato Jam with Red Wine Vinegar Canning Recipe

If you're looking for a more unique tomato jam, try our Tomato Jam with Red Wine Vinegar canning recipeTomatoes are cooked down and concentrated for maximum flavor. Serve with a nice wedge of farmhouse cheddar or creamy brie. Can be a substitute for ketchup if you are looking for something different. 


Tomato Ketchup, Chutney, & Relish

Homemade ketchup is worth trying f you are overflowing with paste tomatoes. It takes quite a few tomatoes to make ketchup. Make gourmet burgers and hot dogs topped with fancy-pants tomato relish and homemade ketchup. You'll be the envy of your summer block parties and barbecues. 


Diced Canned Tomatoes |

Tomatoes & Soups

Why avoid commercial canned soup? For the same reason you might want to avoid many canned goods. Store-bought soup is often laden with high-fructose corn syrup. Blarg! So make your own to put up and avoid the nasty ingredients. 

Canned Pickled Green Tomatoes |

Green Tomatoes

A few seasons ago, I harvested all of my green tomatoes before the frost. I had never canned green tomatoes before, let alone eaten them. My mom always relished fried green tomatoes, but the smell of those always nauseated me. I thought the best way to preserve them would be to simply pickle them. In my experience, most pickled veggies taste like pickles! I use a basic pickling brine and add sliced garlic, yellow mustard seed, and dill. After canning a dozen jars of pickled tomatoes last year, I was still left with another bushel of green tomatoes. So then I canned chutney and relish which work well on hot dogs and burgers. 

Custom Vintage Apothecary Canning Labels |

Shop for custom Vintage Apothecary canning labels.


Last year, I got extra ambitious and tried a mock green tomato apple crisp. Yeah, that’s right. I made a green tomato dessert. I was hesitant at first, but the end result was delightful. The tomatoes were slightly chewy. Since they were baked with butter, cinnamon, and sugar, it tasted much like any sweet dessert. So if you’re tired of canning green tomatoes for condiments or pickles, try a sweet baked treat.

Mock Green Tomato Apple Crisp |

Dehydrated Tomatoes

Last year I saved all of my tomato skins to make tomato powder. The skins dehydrate quickly. I ran them through my coffee grinder to turn them into powder. So what do you use tomato powder for? It is great for thickening tomato sauces or adding to seasoning mixes and marinades. Try shaking some over grilled pesto bread too. Yum!

Dehydrated Tomato Powder |

You'll be surprised how much tomato powder you end up with by just drying the skins. Next time you skin tomatoes, save them and add to your dehydrator or oven. Once dried, just grind them up into powder and store in a jar. I use my coffee grinder to quickly pulverize the dried skins. You can easily incorporate tomato powder in many recipes. And you'll totally be tickled that you used every part of your 'mater for edible food stuffs! Woot!!

Dehydrated Tomato Skins for Powder |

Download the FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Hang Tags

FREE Printable Tomato Canning Labels & Tags | CanningCrafts

Shop tomato canning jar labels for home canned salsa, sauce, & juice!

Shop for Tomato Canning Jar Labels |

If you're looking for more tomato growing tips and recipes, follow our Pinterest Tomato Board.

CanningCrafts' Canning Tomatoes Pinterest Board


Tomato Canning Recipes |


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What's your favorite way to preserve tomatoes? Do you have a recipe you make every year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Mandy on August 06, 2020

Thanks for the recipes!

Becky Turner on September 02, 2021

Great resource page!!!!!
Thank you so much….
I am going to have lots of green tomatoes this year because of funky growing conditions but saving the ripe tomato recipes for next year…

Judy Iano on August 22, 2022

This best list I have seen so far. Sign me up!

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