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Our Favorite Canning Recipes Collection 1

10. January 2023

We captured our best and favorite canning recipes into easy to print collections. These PDF recipe books contain CanningCrafts’ most-liked canning recipes over the past 5 years. Most are water bath recipes, but we also have refrigerator and fermenting recipes too. The first book has 9 delicious recipes for Jams, Butter, & Pie Filling. The second book has 9 zesty recipes for Pickles, Condiments, & Sauces.

You can read the intros below for each individual recipe. Download the Jams, Butter, & Pie Filling Canning Recipe Book. Download the Pickles, Condiments, & Sauces Canning Recipe Book.


Jams, Butter, & Pie Filling Canning Recipes |

Download the Jams, Butter, & Pie Filling Canning Recipes


Apple Pie in a Jar Canning Recipe |

Apple Pie in a Jar

Making Apple Pie in a Jar is a fun canning project to do when the season begins to change and fresh, sweet apples are at their very best. These little jars are perfect hostess gifts, teacher appreciation, stocking stuffers, or for squirreling away for the colder months. Apple Pie in a Jar tastes like the very best apple filling and can also be topped on morning oats, waffles, pancakes, or Dutch babies. Drop into thumbprint cookies or stuff into hand pies. There are many sweet things you can do with this treat. Get our Apple Pie in a Jar canning recipe.


Apple Cider Butter Canning Recipe |

Jars shown with Custom Watercolor canning labels.

Apple Cider Butter

Our Apple Cider Butter is delicious served on English muffins, toast, or waffles. Stir a little into your morning oats or mix with yogurt and granola. One question I get a lot is “Does apple butter contain butter?” No, apple butter is a thick, fruit spread that has the luxurious and smooth consistency of butter. This spread is fall canning at its best. Apples are at their peak, folks are drawn to warm spices, and the season for gift giving is just around the corner. Get our Apple Cider Butter canning recipe.


Black Forest Macaroon Jam Canning Recipe |

Jars shown with Custom Watercolor Christmas canning labels.

Black Forest Macaroon Jam

Black Forest Cake is the classic holiday showpiece. Layers of chocolate cake soaked in kirsch, whipped cream icing, and beautiful sour cherries. This recipe recreates the flavors, adds sweet coconut, and preserves them in jars. This recipe makes the ideal holiday gifts for family, friends, and other special people in your life. Get our Black Forest Macaroon Jam canning recipe.


Blueberry Lemon Pie Filling Canning Recipe |

Blueberry Lemon Pie Filling

Indulge in fresh blueberries from your markets now and can delicious Blueberry Lemon Pie Filling for the winter months. This filling can be used to create a luscious deep-dish blueberry pie, cute hand pies that are perfectly-sized for lunch boxes, or as a sweet layer for cream cheese bars. Canning blueberries is very easy and the results are out of this world. Get our Blueberry Lemon Pie Filling canning recipe.


Carrot Cake Jam Canning Recipe |

Carrot Cake Jam

Carrot cake lovers, what if you could preserve the warm, rich flavors of this delicious cake in a jar? Freshly shredded orange carrots, chopped apples, juicy pineapples, coconut, and nuts suspended in a lovely spiced jam. Make and can this today, and enjoy the sweet taste throughout the year. Serve on English muffins, with yogurt, pancakes, waffles, alongside cheese and crackers, or with vanilla ice cream. Get our Carrot Cake Jam canning recipe.


Christmas Jam Canning Recipe |

Jars shown with Custom Apothecary Christmas canning labels.

Christmas Jam

Holiday Jam is like Christmas in a jar with its gorgeous ruby red color and rich, warm spices. This jam makes festive hostess gifts or cute stocking stuffers. Serve with waffles, pancakes, cheese platters or alongside savory, holiday dinners. It’s just as delicious stirred into oatmeal or used as a seasonal  ice cream topping. Get our Christmas Jam canning recipe.


Honey Pear Jam Canning Recipe with Pomona's Pectin |

Honey Pear Jam

Have you made jam and wanted to use honey instead of white sugar as the sweetener? We have created a delicious pear jam that is sweetened with honey and laced with aromatic vanilla bean paste. Our recipe was developed using Pomona’s Universal Pectin which is available at many grocery stores or can be purchased online. This special pectin is unsweetened, preservative-free, and jells reliably with very low amounts of any sweetener. So this is a great pectin to try if you are looking to reduce the amount of sugar in your canned jams and jellies or if you want to try natural sweeteners instead. Get our Honey Pear Jam canning recipe.


Strawberry Jam Canning Recipe with custom mason jar labels |

Jars shown with Custom Apothecary Strawberry canning labels.

Strawberry Jam with Natural Pectin

Fresh strawberries are one of the first bright signs that warm and sunny weather is on its way. Eat strawberries out of hand or make and can the most luscious, ruby red jam. The recipe below uses natural pectin from fruits (instead of store-bought pectin) and we lowered the sugar by over one cup versus traditional strawberry jam. Get our Strawberry Jam canning recipe.


Three Citrus & Vanilla Bean Marmalade Canning Recipe |

3 Citrus Vanilla Marmalade

Citrus hits its peak of flavor during the colder months therefore making it ideal for a cold-weather canning project. This citrus marmalade highlights oranges, grapefruits, and lemons while adding beauty and real flavor with whole vanilla beans. This citrus marmalade would make a great holiday gift. Use our free printable tags and labels to decorate your jars for gift-giving. Get our 3 Citrus Vanilla Marmalade canning recipe.


Tomato Jam with Red Wine Vinegar Canning Recipe |

Jars shown with Custom Watercolor Tomato canning labels.

Tomato Jam with Red Wine Vinegar

Capture the flavor of summer’s best tomatoes in this rich tomato jam. Tomatoes are cooked down and concentrated for maximum flavor. Serve with a nice wedge of farmhouse cheddar or creamy brie. Can be a substitute for ketchup if you are looking for something different. Get our Tomato Jam canning recipe.


Pickles, Condiments, & Sauces Canning Recipe Book |

Download the  Pickles, Condiments, & Sauces Canning Recipes


Candied Jalapeños Canning Recipe |

Jars shown with Custom Apothecary canning labels.

Candied Jalapeños

Candied jalapeños are a delicious condiment that pairs well with meats and cheeses, can be spread on sandwiches, stuffed into burritos, or spooned in chile con queso for added punch. Canning jalapeños is an easy one-day project that you will add to your summer recipe book. Get our Candied Jalapeños canning recipe.


Crispy Dill Pickle Canning Recipe |

Jars shown with Custom Apothecary Pickle canning labels.

Crispy Dill Pickles

Are you looking for a homemade pickle that is tart and packed with fresh dill flavor and crunch? This summer canning recipe is loaded with traditional spices and a rich, warm color derived from turmeric. The recipe uses a unique pickling process from America’s Test Kitchen that uses “low-temperature pasteurization” which helps produce a crisper pickle. Get our Crispy Dill Pickle canning recipe.


Mexican Lime Refrigerator Pickled Vegetables |

Mexican Lime Refrigerator Pickled Vegetables

If your summer garden is nearing the end and only producing small handfuls of veggies, make refrigerator pickles! It’s easy to mix and match cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, beans and other vegetables into a tasty pickled side dish. Our recipe uses lime juice along with vinegar for the master brine. Since it is a refrigerator recipe, it is flexible and allows for substitutions and adjustments. Get our Mexican Lime Refrigerator Pickled Vegetables recipe.


Watermelon Rind and Habanero Pickles Canning Recipe |

Watermelon Rind & Habanero Pickles

This old-fashioned recipe has a contemporary twist. Instead of cloves and cinnamon, we added fresh habanero peppers. These pickles are wonderful served with a fruit and cheese platter or charcuterie board. They also pair well with grilled meats and roasts or straight from the jar. They are quite addictive and also a great way to use part of a fruit that usually goes to waste. Get our Watermelon Rind & Habanero Pickles canning recipe.


Fermented Honey Mustard Recipe |

Jars shown with Custom Vintage Seal Honey Labels.

Fermented Honey Mustard

Homemade honey mustard is an easy project. You only need a handful of ingredients and time. Serve this delicious condiment with soft pretzels, sandwiches, grilled meats, or use it as a high-quality ingredient in homemade vinaigrettes. Get our Fermented Honey Mustard recipe.


Peach BBQ Sauce Canning Recipe |

Jars shown with Custom Apothecary Peach canning labels.

Peach BBQ Sauce

Searching for a delicious and unique way to can fragrant, summer peaches? Try our zesty Peach BBQ Sauce. Peaches are an ideal base to make a sweet and zesty homemade condiment. This sauce can be brushed on chicken, pork, tofu, or grilled vegetables. Toss in cold pasta dishes, serve with cheese platters or spread on Dagwood sandwiches. The possibilities are truly endless. Get our Peach BBQ Sauce canning recipe.


Plum Chutney Canning Recipe for water bath method |

Plum Chutney

Transform fresh plums into a jewel-colored, spiced condiment that pairs well on a charcuterie plate or is perfect as a condiment at your summer cookout. Chutney tastes sublime with sharp cheeses and salty prosciutto and is also delicious as a side to grilled meats, or used as a spicy and sweet spread on a sandwich. Chutneys are thick, tangy, sweet, and subtly spicy. Get our Plum Chutney canning recipe.


Mason Jars Filled with Tomato Jam with Red Wine Vinegar |

Tomato Jam with Red Wine Vinegar

This same recipe is listed in our Jams, Butter, & Pie Filling Canning Recipe book. It’s more of a condiment than a traditional fruit jam of course! Tomatoes are cooked down and concentrated for maximum flavor. Serve with a nice wedge of farmhouse cheddar or creamy brie. Can be a substitute for ketchup if you are looking for something different. Get our Tomato Jam canning recipe.


Enchilada Sauce Canning Recipe |

Jars shown with Custom Apothecary Tomato canning labels.

Enchilada Sauce

For many, enchiladas are a family favorite. Make them extra special by canning your own enchilada sauce. Summer tomatoes are perfect for a delicious sauce you can pull from your pantry throughout the year. Get our Enchilada Sauce canning recipe.


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